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Sight Seeing: The Glaciers of Alaska -

You spent all that money to get to Alaska, took time off work, and now that you're here you're certainly not going to settle for a view from the Parks Highway!

     On a nice day you have got to get out and see the REAL Alaska. No need to charter an air plane. We have the transportation: AN ALASKAN MADE AIRBOAT. Just out of Willow or Talkeetna there are some spectacular sights, but you won't see them from a car.

     Everyone knows that if your here to see Alaska, you'd better park the car and take an airboat ride. Just out of Palmer, Alaska there is a sight to behold. It is the beautiful Knik Glacier. This 3-4 hour tour often includes moose sightings and bald eagles. Make sure and book this one ahead of time.

     What you'll need to bring: Warm clothes, rain gear when applicable, camera, film and a sense of adventure. Visit the Contact Us page for rates and more information.


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